A few of the guinea pig accommodations in Westervelde
A few of the guinea pig accommodations in Westervelde

Stichting Cavia offers a shelter for guinea pigs for which you cannot care any more (regardless of the reason). You don’t have to pay for bringing guinea pigs to Stichting Cavia. We only ask you to fill in a declaration stating that Stichting Cavia is the new owner of the guinea pig. If the guinea pig is healthy and not too old, the foundation will try to find a new owner. If we don’t succeed in finding one, the guinea pig will spend the rest of its life in the cavy-village in Westevelde.

Stichting Cavia has SHELTERS* in:

Achel (Belgium) Shelter
Angerlo Shelter
Annen Emergency shelter
Bakkeveen (Friesland) Shelter
Doetinchem Shelter
Haarlem Emergency shelter
Opmeer (North-Holland) Shelter
Posterholt (Limburg) Emergency shelter
Ter Aar Shelter
Wissenkerke (Midden-Zeeland) Shelter

*emergency shelters only take guinea pigs in, it is not possible to buy one there.


If you are looking for temporary housing for your guinea pig(s), for example, because you are going on holiday, we can also help. We charge 1 euro a day for each guinea pig that stays with us. This is an indicative price,

Stichting Cavia offers TEMPORARY HOUSING in the following places::
Bakkeveen (Friesland)
Wissenkerke (Mid Zeeland)

If you need the phone number of one of the above addresses, please send us an e-mail: