The Cavy-village

The cavy-village was founded in 1999 in Westervelde (The Netherlands). Since Juli 2009 it has relocated to Bakkeveen. The purpose of this village is to facilitate a shelter for the guinea pigs that are brought to Stichting Cavia. Additionally, the village has an entertaining and educative function. Thanks to the presence of the many guinea pigs, the chicken and the geese, the cavy-village is well worth a visit.

A cavy-village

Most guinea pigs of the foundation live in this unique village. In order to make it possible to buy a guinea pig from Stichting Cavia for people who don’t live in the neighbourhood of the village, a number a guinea pigs are living in other places in The Netherlands in the houses of volunteers. These volunteers also offer a temporarily shelter for your guinea pig when you do not want to and/or cannot care for it anymore. You can contact Stichting Cavia if you need the phone number of a volunteer near your residence (see also our list under the button “shelter”).