10 Jaar!

Hurray, Stichting Cavia is nearly 10 years old!!!

At 15 September 2007, Stichting Cavia exists 10 years. At the moment we are busy obtaining the necessary permits to celebrate this with a big party. In the beginning of April, there was a meeting during which the preliminary program for the festivities was set up. When the permits are ready, this program will be published online. A sneak peak: we want to organize a guinea pig race. Of course we are NOT going to use real guinea pigs. That would be cruel. How are we going to do it then? That will remain a surprise for now...

Another project related to the 10-year anniversary is the reconstruction of our website. In the beginning of 2007 we restyled it. The guinea pigs available for financial adoption are now presented online. The website is translated and accessible in English. Furthermore, we are working on a medical section including photos and advices from daily practice. The webshop will be restyled and extended. The link-page will be adapted and extended on a regular basis. Other suggestions are of course welcome!

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